4 - 8 . . . Weave! by Margaret Coe

4 - 8 . . . Weave! by Margaret Coe

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4 - 8 . . . Weave! is a spiral-bound collection of tutuorials using the popular step-by-step approach to teach e-weave design. The focus is designing for 4 and 8-shaft looms. But the concepts can be applied to looms with any number of shafts.

Weave design programs come with perfectly good manuals, manuals that explain the features of the program and how they work. Missing from the manuals are practical applications of those features. 4 - 8 . . . Weave! fills that gap.


Snowflake twills; block substitution; network drafted, parallel, and interleaved threadings; structures such as crackle, double weave, and jin.

Step-by-step tutorials allow you to learn at your own pace. You may repeat any tutorial as many times and often as you wish.

4-8 . . . Weave! is illustrated with full color screen shots, and the spiral binding means that its pages lie flat.

Companion files are to be downloaded from the web site, instructions are in the introduction, page v, of 4 -8 . . . Weave!

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